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Everyone reading this will more than likely have heard  the phrase ‘wiping the slate clean’. It dates back to the middle ages when shopkeepers used to record a customer’s expenditure on a slate and wipe it clean when the customer paid it off. In more modern times it’s still used in pubs – to have a ‘slate’ behind the bar. I certainly had one and would have to pay the pub when my giro landed or I couldn’t drink at the pub anymore.

Wipe Out Debt


That’s what Clean Slate is all about. It’s about starting afresh with control of your money but it does mean that we have to get rid off the previous situation first. The idea is not to have a ‘slate’ again. Imagine being in total control of what you spend, to make your own decisions about how to spend your money and not have it all spent before you’ve got it? It’s possible and it feels great.


We’ve been doing this since 2007 helping at all the main support agencies in and around the Tyne and Wear region. That list of agencies includes Plummer Court & Bridge View Treatment Centres, Addaction, NERAF, NECA, Turning Point, Lifeline, Salvation Army and Tyneside Cyrenians at Ron Eager House, Elliott House, Francis House and the Resettlement Team.


We try and make it easier for you by coming to see you, at your home or at rehab, or treatment centre, or anywhere that’s comfortable and convenient for you. We only want to see you if you want to see us. We will respect your privacy we won’t force our service on you. We only want to see you when you are ready and think that our service can help.

We look at everything that affects your money and unlike many other sources of help we will stay with you until your finances are sorted. We try and help you to help yourself so that you don’t find yourself in bother again.


Did I mention it’s also FREE and completely confidential?

Graham Brewis

Director - Clean Slate